Undertaking the journey to home ownership can be an exciting and wonderful experience for both new and experienced buyers. Though it may seem overwhelming, we assure you that Matthews & Company Realty will be there with you every step of the way.

With a developed system individualized to your needs, we will make sure you are educated and in control from the very beginning. Don’t let urgency or lack of proper planning affect how the transaction will go. Our coaching keeps you informed, assuring that you remain stress-free and confident with every major decision.

Our process is simple, yet highly effective: 

Step 1 – Getting Started

First, we will identify and assemble your “Real Estate Team.” At our initial consultation, we will provide an overview and plan catered specifically to your needs. Our proven formula for success is built on educating you for the marketplace as well as creating strategies to reduce unnecessary pitfalls throughout the process.

Step 2 – Preparing for the Market

Next, we will help prepare you for the market. Having a fully executed plan from the beginning helps to keep on task with the various steps, including getting properly “pre-approved,” identifying towns and neighborhoods that meet your lifestyle and budget, and viewing homes in your price point.

Step 3 – The Art of Negotiation

Once you have found your new home, the art of negotiation begins. Packaging your offer to purchase in the most attractive manner is the most crucial step. Sticking to the timelines and negotiating with facts can help to diffuse the often-emotional tasks of negotiating home inspection issues and finalizing the offer.

Step 4 – Moving In

Congratulations – you’re ready to move into your new home! But, the services of Matthews & Company Realty do not stop at the closing table. We can also help individuals and families get settled into their new lives by introducing them to others in the community with similar interests, or by offering reliable, local referrals for any needs you may have with your new home